Il Grignolino

Grignolino is a red grape variety commonly grown in the Monferrato area north of Asti in Piedmont Region of north west Italy. It has strong acidity and tannins and makes lighter coloured wines with very fruity aromas. It benefits from gentle and slow pressings to avoid extracting any of the bitter tannins associated with the wine.
This wine made to be fresh whilst it is suitable to keep it is best to be drunk young. It is the opposite of the full bodied and robust wines of the area such as Barolos and Barbarescos. This Grignolino is a perfect red wine for the summer, better served slightly chilled and is the perfect accompaniment for any occasion: from an aperitif to an after dinner glass.
It is a pale ruby red with a beautiful bouquet of floral notes and slightly fruity. The mouth is dry, fresh, with plenty of character thanks to the excellent acidity rush and pleasing persistence in the finish.
Fresh and fragrant, Grignolino is suitable for all occasions and matches well with cold meats, cheeses as well as red meats.

Alcool: 13,5%

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