FAQs Svinazzando

Q1. This all looks very interesting. How long have you been in business?

A1. We have been in the wine business for many years, six now. We launched a private label revolution using only high quality products in 2016.

Q2. Where do you advertise in Italy, UK and more widely?

A2. We advertise online with our website, www.svinazzando.it Facebook and Instagram. We also advertise in Italian newspapers and magazines. We are going to advertise in UK publications in Q2 2017.

Q3. Can you explain exactly what you are offering?

A3. We are offering a product that the market has never seen before! We can create up to a 100 custom made products using a very wide range of materials: bottles, wines, labels, closures and packaging.

Q4. Why is it so special?

A4. Each customer is able to create a uniquely designed product to suit their requirements. The design may never be repeated.

Q5. How does your choice process work and what are my choices?

A5. We will guide you through your choices. Usually we sequence it by letting you choose the wine type, the bottle size, label design and materials, closures and the packaging. Thus you can see that this is 100% tailor-made to your requirements.

Q6. What are the wine choices? Do you change your wines?

A6. All the wine types and specifications we have are shown on our web site. We do rotate some wines as vintages change, but the website has the most up to date selection. However, if you want a specific Italian wine we can source it and then customize it for you. It this case we would only be able to customise the front label.

Q7. Before I start my selection, do you have any examples you can show me?

A7. If you have a look on our website, Instagram and Facebook you will be able to see the wide selection of what we are able to create. If you want to design something different, tell us and we will see if we can do it for you. In addition our UK representative will have some samples to show you.

Q8. Can you run through the bottle size choices? What is the most popular?

A8. The choice is very personal and everyone has different creative visions and requirements. We work upwards from the standard 0.75l bottle, our most popular, but 1.5l and 3l bottles are fun sizes and certainly make an impact in larger venues. Have a look on our website.

Q9. Label shapes. Can we run through this?

A9. The standard shapes are rectangular or round but a label shape can also be created to make the bottle unique for you.

Q10. Label Engraving. How do I choose and how does it all work?

A10. You choose the font, size and design. We will then send a copy to our designer in Milan approval. It is absolutely essential that we get this right for you so we will spend some time ensuring you are happy with the detail.

Q11. Engraving. Can I see some examples before I finally decide?

A11. Of course! Our clients usually have a good idea of what they want, but we have plenty of ideas to show you.

Q12 Packaging. What are the options? Can I see some of the materials you use?

A12. You can have a bag, a pack of 2-3 or 6. Boxes can be customised in size and material to meet your requirements. You can choose from materials available on the market. We are experts in wood and carbon fibre.

Q13. Do you have a price list? Can you give me some examples of what people have ordered?

A13. We do not have a fixed price list. We rotate the wines and much will depend on the designs you create. However we will be able to give you a good idea as we develop your design. Transportation and any taxes can be calculated once we understand quantities required. We can do personalised quotes on request.

Q14. Production times. How long will it take to produce the finished product in the quantities required?

A14. The production times are very short, shipping times will vary, so it is worth planning ahead with your requirements. That said a bottle with a standard label (paper) can be produced within an hour once the approved design is received. A luxury engraved label selection can be ready in 10 days. Delivery can be accelerated if time is tight, but that will be more expensive.

Q15. Final design decisions. Can I change my mind and when is it too late?

A15. You can change your mind right up to the moment before the label design is ready to be produced.

Q16. How do you package these products, especially when there are higher value items? Do you use any special packaging?

A16. We will use special boxes and special shipping for higher value items agreed in advance.

Q17. Pricing. Tell me everything and price my choice.

A17. Once we have designed your requirement we can price and then adjust to achieve the best result for you.

Q18. Transportation. How are the final products transported?

A18. All modes of transport are available! It depends on the time and price pressures.

Q19. Export and taxes? If you are doing everything in Italy, how long does it take to transport to UK. How are the taxes paid? Can I just pay one bill?

A19. We will include this all in the final quote. We will do everything for you and make sure that you receive only one bill.

Q20. What happens if something goes wrong?

A20. Nothing will go wrong, but in the unlikely event we are fully insured to cover any eventuality.

Q21. Do you require a deposit and if so at what stage?

A21. Payment is required before goods are despatched. For luxury bottles payment is made once the order is confirmed.

Q22.What are your cancellation terms?

A22. Once an order is confirmed, payment is expected within 24 hours or the order is cancelled.


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