What we do

Svinazzando proposes a new reality for all wine lovers offering high quality wines with unique customised presentation at reasonable price points. We use only fine wines, a variety of bottle sizes, genuine cork closures and customized labels. We offer a wide range of wines for all palates: white, rosé, red, sparkling and classic method sparkling wines.(As a reminder, for sparkling wine, the 5 methods of production accepted are : Traditional – ‘methode traditionnelle/Metodo Classico'(Champagne and Franciacorta), Transfer (Cava), Tank Method (Prosecco, Riesling, Muscat normally), Asti Method and Carbonation method. For ‘Sparkling’ I think you mean for Prosecco and for ‘Classic’ I think you mean for Franciacorta. We source from 17 different producers throughout Italy. On request, where possible, we can source wines not in our current catalogue. You can taste any of our wines before buying them without obligation. Choose the wine, the bottle size, from the classic 0.75l up to the beautiful 3l, bottle glass colour and cap, then finally customize your label.