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Svinazzando is a project aimed at the commercialization of the most prestigious Italian names through customized labellings, representing the perfect union of tradition and innovation. Our wine experience is gained with a form of advanced marketing and personalized. The new was 3.0 for the wine. We intend to market as two steps above traditional stores who place bulk wine and a step below the classic wine bars that sell standard bottles. We are living in a time when the search for savings in the face of quality has become an essential part of everyday life. This innovative process we are launching reflects the needs for those who want to drink well, spend the right and create their own unique line of bottles. WITHOUT MINIMUM ORDER. We arrangements which of our wine customers:
– by the glass
– by the bottle
– by bag in a box
All bottles can have a label with classical elements. They canl be customized with LOGO, IMAGES, TEXT, FORM and COLOUR, all individually chosen. Alternatively we can use our own branded Svinazzando standard label.

SVINAZZANDO Via Tiziano 11 - Milano - Italy P. IVA e C.F. 09365450965